1. To show that people do make choices--in fact, some people decline to engage in race membership at all.

  2. To assist people who do depart from race as an expected behavior pattern to make  their decision known to others. Tee shirts, mugs and other items with relevant sayings and designs are offered, to turn a one-sided conversation into a dialogue.

  3. To discuss the conceptual and Biblical foundation of the personal right and power to depart from such a behavior pattern.

  4. By supporting individuals who are saying No to race, we come across a specific glitch in the system. Therefore, we add the non-racial choice to public awareness to take a concrete step regarding systemic racism.

A particular example of "systemic" racism is found in the format of the US Census race question. No alternative is offered by the US Census race question to the response option of picking at least one race, or else specifying some other race besides those listed.  It appears asserted tacitly by this oversight that there is no such thing as not being involved with others in having a race, and that individuals are helpless to decline race membership. This conception is given to public consciousness by this question format. The omitted alternative can easily be called "non-racial" or "none." It represents wholesome self-differentiation for some people, and a wise choice for society as a whole to acknowledge as an important American experience.
About Website

This website aims to give support for knowing that we human beings have the right and the power to decline to engage in race membership completely and by individual choice. But this help is not for everyone, in that some people do not want to disengage from race membership. That is ok.  Someone could say the following to those whose personality or social affiliations and attachments are such that race membership is comfortable and desired, or to those who simply believe that race membership is a universal characteristic of human beings, or may feel entitled to expect and demand some particular behavior automatically due to geography or physiognomy, although none may be occurring or forthcoming.  One could make a fair-minded and simple statement, namely: "Race? You like it, you keep it."

And with that, perhaps we can reach a mutual understanding. Or, perhaps not. What is in one's heart is in one's heart. Period.