We human beings are not stuck in behavior patterns we don’t want––and this website will assist people who depart from race as a behavior pattern, and prefer to say “No” to race membership entirely.

A race is often referred to by the word “group.”  By American tradition, people experience themselves as having a group using geographical origins and related physical traits as criteria of membership; and they believe themselves able to corral others within such groups without their consent. But this website points out that people can and do make choices, and some people decline to engage in race membership at all.

Our Mission Is:

  1. To show that people do make choices—in fact, some people choose to disengage from race membership completely.
  2. To assist people who depart from race as an interaction pattern to make their decision known. Tee shirts, mugs and other items with relevant sayings and designs are offered, to turn a one-sided conversation into a dialogue.
  3. To discuss the conceptual and biblical foundation of the personal right and power to depart from such a social pattern.
  4. By supporting individuals who are saying No to race, by wearing our tee shirts or otherwise from their heart, we add the “non-racial” choice to public awareness which has been conspicuously missing, but needed against racism.